How to start over after divorce

starting over after divorce financially

Getting divorced is a lengthy process, in some cases it can last for years. From accepting that your relationship is failing, through to the practicalities of separating and the financial separation, it can be easy to lose sight of what life will be like when it is over. ... Read More

Warnings signs that your relationship is in trouble

Relationships are complex. They can be utterly wonderful, truly awful and everything in-between. It doesn’t matter how much you love your partner, no relationship will work without effort from both sides. In fact, you may have put so much effort into your relationship that if it hits stormy waters, neither party wants to admit it.... Read More

6 Things to think about if you throw a divorce party

Divorce parties are all the rage these days. For different people they signify different things. For some they mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. For others they are an opportunity to let your hair down after the stress of their separation.... Read More

How to recover emotionally after your divorce

Getting divorced is challenging on many levels. First-up is protecting your children. Next, there’s the many practicalities, such as dividing assets and moving house. Then, on top of all this comes a rollercoaster of emotions that are often suppressed in an effort to simply ‘get by’.... Read More

Superannuation after separation. How it works.

Superannuation after divorce and separation

Superannuation is an area that many of us find confusing and don’t fully understand.  We know we have it and it is good to have, but the specifics of when we can access it and what we can do with it are on our “to do” list – “understand my super”. ... Read More