6 Reasons to embrace co-parenting

child walking hand-in-hand with parents

Rarely do people plan to become a single parent. Yet, with a third of marriages in Australia ending in divorce, and 50% of those couples having kids, more people than ever are supporting the status. They are also recognising that it’s not all bad, in fact many are embracing it.... Read More

Understanding Child Support

Child support explained

What is the difference between Property/Financial Settlement, Parenting Orders and Child Support? You are able to apply to the Family Court of Australia (“the Court”) to have your property and parenting orders approved, but it is the Department of Human Services that is responsible for administering Australia’s child support scheme.... Read More

Co-Parenting after divorce

Divorce and coparenting

When a relationship breaks down and there are children involved, both parents want to protect their children from the ugliness of the emotions that divorce and separation brings out in all of us. Our goal, as separated parents, is to agree on our financial settlement and parenting arrangements post separation, with minimum impact on our children.... Read More