Simple Financial Separation

Separating from your partner can be an emotional and traumatic time and can be hard on your finances. You may feel overwhelmed as there are many things to resolve.

Divide provides you guidance and a step-by-step approach to enable you to financially separate without the use of lawyers.

We understand it’s not easy.
We help you begin again. Simply.

As Chartered Accountants, we believe the financial settlement process is one we are best suited to support you through, as it is primarily a financial and administrative process.

We make the process simple by helping you understand and agree on both your current and post-separation financial positions. There are many myths surrounding divorce and financial separation in Australia. For example, you do not have to engage a lawyer for these matters.

We have helped and empowered many clever couples who see the benefit of not having their shared wealth disappear in expensive, ongoing and unnecessary legal fees.

If at any time during the process you need assistance resolving parenting matters we can provide you with the appropriate contacts as we can not provide you with legal advice in this regard. If you are parents, it is important to understand how you will provide and afford to care for a child / children of the relationship. Likewise, if you need emotional support, we can provide you with the appropriate contacts, for you to consider.

This approach means Divide can reduce the cost – both financial and emotional – at this time and help you both move on with your new life.

Financial Separation Diagram

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Divide provided good sound advice. Very level headed. Very impartial. Very much for a resolution. Professionally managed. I didn’t need to go near a lawyer at all as Divide fully understood our financial situation.


I liked the fact that no lawyers were involved. Wasn’t costly as anticipated. So quick. Even the communication was clear and concise. It wasn’t back and forth lengthy emails or conversation. Short and sharp to the point. Dealt with him separately. Dealt with me separately. I never had to chase him up for anything.