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Simple Self-Managed Super Fund Financial Settlements with Divide

We understand that going through a property settlement can be a challenging and emotional experience. At Div-Ide, our compassionate and dedicated team of experts are here to guide and support you in achieving a fair and efficient division of assets. Our goal is to help you split what you have in the most practical way and cost effective way, ensuring that your individual needs and wants are met. Our specialist expertise means that we can take advantage of the superannuation and taxation laws.

The Complexities of SMSFs in Separation

Self-managed superannuation funds add another level of complexity to the financial separation process and require expertise that only financial specialists can offer. SMSFs often hold assets that can be difficult to value or sell, adding to the challenges of property settlements. Furthermore, some assets may be vital for the operation of one party’s business. This is an important factor that needs to be considered in any proposed split. It is also a financial matter rather than a legal matter. This means that choosing the right superannuation specialist to help you meet your respective goals in a cost effective way is critical.

At Div-ide, we bring that expertise and can work you through the entire process to achieve a tax effective outcome. We can break through the complex and technical aspects of both superannuation and taxation law, communicating with you both in language that you can understand.

The Div-ide Difference

  • We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different.
  • The challenges you face with your SMSF will be unique to your situation.
  • That’s why our caring and personalised approach, combined with expertise gained over more than three decades in accounting, has worked for so many Australian couples.

Our approach means Divide can reduce the cost – both financial and emotional – at this time and help you both move on with your new life.

Hear from our clients

“I had an issue with my Self Managed Super Fund. Previously, I’d been directed by my current accountants to lawyers who were quoting upwards of $4,000 to sort it out from my end. Belinda helped me get this sorted in under a week and at minimal cost, no lawyers required, no extra external costs. The instant relief of the stress and pressure I felt was immeasurable.”


“I used Divide to formalise my financial separation. From the first phone consultation to the submission of court documents, Belinda was brilliant – no-nonsense, straight to the point and very professional. I had previously been quoted up to $80,000 from a lawyer. Divide’s fees will be less than $4000 each.”


Real Solutions to Real Challenges

As an expert in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, we work with clients, their accountants, stockbrokers, and financial planners to consider and solve the challenges faced, when determining how to split a SMSF.

These are some of the challenges clients have faced where Belinda has assisted.

The challenge

A husband and wife had a SMSF, which included a property with a loan in it. Neither former partner wanted to retain the SMSF in future.

The challenge

A husband and wife had a SMSF, which included a property with a loan in it. The husband wanted to keep the SMSF with the property and the loan.

The challenge

A husband and wife had a SMSF. While the wife enjoys investing in shares and wants to retain the SMSF for the flexibility to choose her specific investments, the husband is not interested in managing a share portfolio.

The challenge

A husband and wife had a SMSF. The husband is 65 and the wife is 58. The husband has a large super balance while his wife’s super balance is minimal, having had less time in paid employment as she was the primary carer for the couple’s children. The wife wants to keep the family home and buy the husband out, but the bank will not loan her sufficient funds to do

About Div-ide

Div-ide are chartered accountants who specialise in financial separation and settlement. We have more than 30 years’ experience in accounting and have helped many Australian couples reach a mutually agreeable financial settlement. Our service is designed to be practical and supportive, providing you with the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Belinda Eldridge, Director

Belinda brings 30+ years in superannuation taxation, insolvency, business consulting, and family law property settlement, across corporate and public sectors, in Australia and Hong Kong. Her extensive experience and personal qualities make her an excellent superannuation advisor, helping clients work through financial separation cost effectively.

As well as degrees in commerce and law and her Chartered Accountancy qualification, Belinda is an accredited SMSF Association specialist. As an expert in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, she works with clients, their lawyers, brokers, and financial planners to make informed, family-friendly SMSF investment choices.

Belinda’s a proud single mum of two exceptional young men. Her youngest son has severe autism and she’s involved in creating positive opportunities for him and others with disabilities. She also enjoys time with her large extended family, a good laugh and drinking quality coffee.

Belinda Eldridge - Managing Director at Div-ide

Chris Staples, Director

Chris brings more than 30 years in finance, accounting, taxation and business consulting from both the corporate and private sectors, to Divide. He holds a Bachelor of Business and is a Chartered Accountant. His wealth of experience includes senior financial roles with major multinationals in Australia and overseas.

Chris works alongside family lawyers and barristers to help them to interpret financial points related to their clients. He has seen how wealth is eroded via a divorce done badly and believes there is a cleaner way to make the break financially. He believes the financial settlement process is primarily a financial and administrative process which suitably experienced Chartered Accountants are best suited to complete.

Since 2012, Chris has also been a director of the charity White Cloud Foundation, providing practical support to people living with and at risk of depression and anxiety. He’s also a busy, hands-on dad of three school-aged children, with a zest for running and fitness.

Chris Staples - Director at Div-ide