Understanding the Division of Assets in Divorce in Australia

Divorce in Australia

Divorce in Australia, especially within the first 12 months, can be a complex phase in anyone’s life. At Div-ide, we aim to simplify the process. At Div-ide, we aim to simplify the division of assets in divorce, ensuring a fair distribution within the asset pool. The Australian legal system safeguards the rights of individuals undergoing...
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Facing the Challenges of Separation? Discover Simple Separation Advice

10 Simple things to do when you first separate

By Belinda Eldridge, Managing Director, Div-ide Separation is challenging, both emotionally and financially. What was once a shared journey can suddenly become a maze of complexities. However, achieving a simple separation is possible with the right guidance. At Div-ide, we specialize in turning the intricate process of financial separation into a more straightforward experience. Our...
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