Financial Separation Accountants

Divide offers a unique way to complete a financial separation in Australia, simply. We believe the financial settlement process is primarily a financial and administrative process and it only becomes a legal process if one of the parties wants it to be. We are Chartered Accountants and so do not act for one party, but rather provide support to both parties to allow you to reach your own agreement.

The Divide Difference

  • We are not lawyers – we do not offer legal advice
  • We focus on outcomes – minimise the cost to maximise the funds to be split
  • We are better suited to assist you with your financial separation
  • We do not act for only one party – we provide financial and administrative support to both parties to allow them to reach an agreement
  • We believe dividing your assets does not need to be expensive
  • We act as a cost effective intermediary if you do not want to be in direct contact with each other to divide
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Our approach means Divide can reduce the cost – both financial and emotional – at this time and help you both move on with your new life.

Our People

Belinda Eldridge - Managing Director at Div-ide Financial Separation

Belinda Eldridge B.Com. LLB CA

Belinda holds a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Laws and is a Chartered Accountant. She has more than 30+ years’ experience in finance, accounting, superannuation taxation, business consulting, insolvency and property separation, in both the corporate sector and public practice in Australia and Hong Kong.

Belinda has already helped many clever couples move on with their lives with the Divide process. She believes Divide offers a practical way to preserve wealth and positively focus on what is required to live life after divorce and separation.

Chris Staples -  Director at Div-ide Financial Separation

Chris StaplesCA

Chris holds a Bachelor of Business and is a Chartered Accountant. He has more than 30+ years experience in finance, accounting, taxation and business consulting, in both the corporate sector and public practice. Eight years of this was spent in London and Singapore working in senior financial positions for large multi-national corporations. Chris specialises in CFO Consultancy and Strategic Planning for his clients, many of which are business owners.

Chris already works alongside family lawyers and barristers to help them to interpret financial points related to their clients. He has seen how wealth is eroded via a divorce done badly and believes there is a cleaner way to make the break financially. He believes the financial settlement process is primarily a financial and administrative process which suitably experienced Chartered Accountants are best suited to complete.

Chris is a Partner at Davis & Co Business Accountants and Advisors located at Milton, Brisbane. Visit their site here.

Chris is also on the Board of the White Cloud Foundation charity.


The following is a selection of testimonials from clients who have been through the Divide process and have moved on.  We have not provided names to respect our clients confidentiality.

“It helped so much for Belinda to be there, I felt confident with her background and having the one person talking to both of us.”

“We had access to the information and were committed to the process. No to-ing and fro-ing and very amicable and both wanted it to happen.”

“Remove yourself from the WHY. It doesn’t form any part of it. In a court of law it doesn’t matter anyway. That is not going to change.”

“I would send any of my friends to Belinda. Very smart, very conscientious and has the experience. She has integrity and honesty and will do the best she can for someone.”

“Divide provided good sound advice. Very level headed. Very impartial. Very much for a resolution. Professionally managed. I didn’t need to go near a lawyer at all, as Divide fully understood our financial situation.”

“I liked the fact that were weren’t any lawyers involved. Wasn’t costly as anticipated. So quick. Even the communication was clear and concise. Wasn’t back and forth lengthy emails or conversation. Short and sharp to the point. Dealt with him separately. Dealt with me separately. I never had to chase him up for anything.”

“How easy it was to speak with Chris. How difficult it was to speak to the lawyer. Way he explained everything. Lawyers tend to put the lawyer jargon in. They can confuse what you are trying to say. It gets extremely costly. Chris was easy to contact and got back to me. My lawyer could disappear for three weeks on end.”

“I thought I was going to be up for enormous cost. So reasonable. I was so grateful to have had her help. So seamless. So smooth, start the new year, stepping forward instead of being stuck. Such a good feeling.”

“I felt like it cost a lot less than what a family lawyer does and a sense this is a much more user friendly approach, that achieves the same outcome for a lot less money.”