Co-parenting in Australia can present numerous challenges. To assist parents in this journey, several co-parenting apps have emerged, offering solutions from accurate record-keeping to shared parental calendars. These apps, available on both the App Store and Google Play, aim to make shared parenting arrangements more manageable and transparent.

1. Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard- Co-parenting apps

This app provides a comprehensive dashboard for co-parents, allowing them to manage parenting agreements, track expenses, and maintain accurate records. With free access to legal advice and mental health professionals, it’s a valuable tool for parents navigating shared responsibilities.

2. CoPilots

Co-Pilot: Co-parenting apps

A well-rounded app that offers more than just scheduling. Its robust custody calendar can be customized, and it allows family members to share photos, events, and special moments in a group chat format, fostering better communication.

3. Coparently

Coparently: Co-parenting apps

This app stands out for its clean user interface, making it user-friendly. It offers a central dashboard for co-parenting calendar management, allowing parents to monitor spending, store contacts, and even seek legal advice when needed.

4. Custody Connection

Custody Connection: Co-parenting apps

Perfect for parents with dynamic schedules, this app simplifies the tracking of activities with a synchronised family calendar. It also offers features like parenting time trade requests, ensuring flexibility in parenting schedules.

5. MyMob

MyMob: Co-parenting apps

Built in Australia, MyMob is recommended by federal courts for separated families. It focuses on positive communication, even featuring a profanity filter, and helps parents maintain accurate records of their children’s achievements.

6. 2Houses

2houses: Co-parenting apps

Used globally, this app offers a neutral environment for parents to communicate, organize schedules, and even connect with mediators and counselors. It’s a comprehensive tool for managing shared parenting arrangements.

Key Features of Co-Parenting Apps:

  • Calendar Apps: Most co-parenting apps come with integrated calendar apps, allowing parents to color code activities and keep track of parenting schedules.
  • Communication Tools: Features like group chat enable family members to stay connected and share important moments.
  • Legal Support: Some apps offer access to legal services, ensuring parents have the right advice when needed.
  • Shared Parental Responsibilities: These apps help in maintaining accurate records, ensuring both parents are aligned in their approach and responsibilities.

Co-parenting apps in Australia have revolutionised the way separated parents manage their shared responsibilities. From maintaining accurate records to seeking legal advice, these tools ensure that parenting time is well-organised and that children benefit from a harmonious arrangement.

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