Co-parenting comes with its unique challenges, one of which is maintaining contact between your child and the other parent. Video calling apps have become a valuable tool for facilitating this, providing a way for separated or divorced parents to ensure their child stays connected with both of them. In this article, we explore the best co parenting apps that include video calling features.

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Zoom is a leading co-parenting app, popular in schools and businesses for its ease of use. It allows up to 100 people in a single meeting, making it ideal for group chats with family members and kids who don’t live in the same household. It can also facilitate communication between co-parents and mediators during custody scheduling. 


FaceTime, the built-in video calling app on Apple devices, is another excellent option. It provides crystal-clear video quality and a call notification feature that runs in the background, making it a user-friendly app for co-parenting. 


WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are free alternatives that can improve communication between co-parents. While they don’t offer dedicated co-parenting features like a shared calendar or expense tracking, they do allow for document sharing, voice calls, and group chats


Everyone has a Facebook account these days, so using Messenger is a no-brainer if you are co-parenting with your ex. You don’t even have to be friends on Facebook to use the video call, messaging and document sharing feature. It’s a bit informal compared to using dedicated co-parenting apps, but it’s easily available.

The same goes for Messenger Kids, the kid-friendly version of Messenger with enhanced parental controls. It’s not required that parents are FB friends to chat. Simply search for the person’s name and invite them to chat with your kids. Parents still need to approve each contact who wants to talk to their child.


Skype, though somewhat overshadowed by Zoom in recent times, remains a versatile co-parenting app. It’s available on multiple devices, supports SMS, calls, and video calls, and offers fun features like stickers and animated backgrounds to engage kids. 

Google Meets is another app that could be included in this list, given its growing popularity. It offers features similar to Zoom and Skype and is especially useful for co-parenting schedules and shared parental responsibilities.

In conclusion, these co parenting apps can greatly enhance communication between separated parents, making it easier to maintain accurate records of conversations and agreements. They also provide a platform for parents to create a shared parenting plan, ensuring that both parties are on the same page when it comes to their child’s needs.

Remember, the best app for you will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. So, take the time to explore these options and choose the one that best fits your co-parenting requirements. 

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