Separation Checklist Australia – Preparing for divorce

separation checklist australia

Separating from your partner can be an emotional and traumatic time. We understand it’s not easy, so here is a checklist which will assist you. This checklist is not a list for one party to gain advantage over the other, but is a checklist we recommend both parties action. Completing these steps will help you both to separate with minimal stress and drama.... Read More

Assessing whether to stay or go

Assessing whether to stay or go

We all go into relationships wanting them to be a balanced, loving and nourishing partnership that will last forever, but then life happens. Relationships, like the people in them, change and adapt based on the events they go through – and if those life events have both people growing together and both feeling loved and valued, then that is the Nirvana – however, often despite both people striving to keep their relationship alive, the cracks appear.... Read More

We agree we want to separate, so what now?

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You or your partner has communicated that they wish the marriage or relationship to be over - so what now? Once you or your partner advise the other that they wish the marriage to be over, take the following steps.... Read More

10 myths about separation & divorce

separation myths

If you have separated from your spouse, you are now left with the daunting task of navigating your way through the maze of separation. There are many myths surrounding divorce and financial separation. It is difficult to know what is fact or fiction. Here are a few of the more common myths you will come across and Divide’s response to these myths. How well you navigate through the maze of separation will go a long way to determining how well you are able to move on.... Read More