If you are a parent of a newly separated family, it might take a while to feel comfortable with the new status of single parent.

Becoming a single parent is likely to have a significant impact on your social life due to new care arrangements for your children, but also because of shifting or changed friendship groups.

It is not unusual to feel lonely or isolated as a single parent, as well as unsure of how to adapt to your new and unplanned way of life.

If this is you, you’ll be pleased to know there is support available. There are lots of online spaces where you can connect with other single parents to get advice, and most importantly, to make connections with like-minded people.

Here is our list of online support spaces for single parents to get you started, but we also suggest you look search your local area for smaller groups near to where you live.



Beanstalk: Online support spaces for single parents

Beanstalk Single Mums is a wonderful community for single mothers to find support, inspiration and much more. Beanstalk is what founder Lucy Good searched for when she became a single mother. The website is for single mums from all walks of life, whether you are new to the role or have been one for many years.

Meet like-minded people who have been there and back and expert professionals to guide you on your own journey to happy single parenthood. You’ll find lots of helpful articles and podcasts on separation, finance/budgeting, co-parenting, self-care and moving on after divorce, as well as regular product specials exclusive for single mums.


Single Mum

Single Mum Australia is one of the oldest single parenting websites in the country. It’s the place to find everything you need as a single mum: information about child custody, child support, benefits, childcare and dealing with isolation and loneliness post-divorce or relationship break down. You can also find daily news on relevant single motherhood topics such as Family Court and child support.

Single Mum runs the largest Australian single mum Facebook support group, Twitter and Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of other single mums and professionals (including lawyers and counsellors) ready to offer expert advice, guidance or just a word of encouragement when days are hard.


Julia Hasche created Single Mother Survival Guide in 2016 three years after she became a single mum. Today her inspirational blog is flourishing and packed with information and resources that newly single mothers need to know about. Besides podcasts and blog articles, Julia offers one-on-one mentoring and online courses to help single mothers create the life of their dreams.

Check out her Free Resources section for helpful articles, contact numbers and the latest research on separation, divorce and their impact on children. If you’d like to chat with other mums or simply vent, join the Single Mother Survival Guide Support forum to connect.



MensLine Australia

Mensline Australia is the national helpline for single fathers and men who need support and information about family and relationship issues. Get expert advice 24/7 from professionals experienced in men’s issues wherever you are in the country. The counselling style is practical while encouraging men to deal with emotional issues.

Mensline is primary a helpline that is often used for emergency cases, but it offers much more to newly single dads or those going through a rough patch in their personal relationships. You can talk about your concerns in a safe and private place and get confidential, non-judgmental and anonymous support.


Men's Right Agency

Australia’s Men’s Rights Agency is a national non-profit that provides support and information to men struggling with family separation, child support, family courts, domestic violence and civil/criminal issues. The organisation is mainly focused on supporting the essential role of fathers in their children’s lives and has a network of professionals with an understanding of issues from a man or dad’s point of view.

Single fathers can find a wealth resources and information from family law experts, solicitors, psychologists, counsellors, and financial advisers. You can also find an extensive list of articles, research and resources on men’s issues dating back to 1990.


DADS Online

Separation is tough on everyone. Single dads who are feeling isolated, lonely, or overwhelmed should check out Dads Online, a thriving online network and community dedicated to providing information and resources that are most important to fathers.

Dads Online is home to other single dads that have successfully rebuilt their lives after divorce or separation and built a loving environment for their kids. Connect with other dads on the Dads Online forum, listen to podcasts, and read articles on issues that range from domestic violence to amicable separation. The site also has a great S.O.S. section where you can find support groups and websites when you are feeling overwhelmed.



Meetup Single Parents

If you are a single parent feeling alone or isolated, you will love Meet Up for Single Parents all over Australia. The largest single parent groups in the country are sorted by location, number of members and activity so you can easily find a group to your liking.

There are meetups for single parent professionals, active single parents, single parents aged 35 and over as well as more general social groups. You can also join groups for playdates, nightlife and dating/relationships. It’s free to join and connect with others online, but you have to pay a fee if you want to organize an event in your area.


Remember Single Parents Alone Together (SPAT) that Hugh Grant joined to hook up with single mums in the brilliant movie About a Boy? There’s a real-life version on Facebook that you can join. SPAT is a private group for single parents looking for advice, support, inspiration or a friendly chat with other like-minded people.

Share your ideas and parenting tips, connect privately with other members and meet up offline for playdates and other activities. SPAT is a safe space where lots of parents vent about their day-to-day struggles, but like other private Facebook groups, there are rules in place to keep it welcoming and supportive.


Surviving Single Parenthood

Single Parents Surviving Single Parenthood is a 100K-strong Facebook Group for single parents to connect and share advice, tips and stories. The group has been around for over two decades and is very active with multiple posts every day. They have daily activities like question of the day, quote of the day and prayer requests.

The group is open to single parents from all walks of life, including single mum and dads who are under 18. This is the group to join if you are very active on Facebook and want to vent, chat with other single parents or ask for advice. Just make sure to follow all the rules (the main ones are on the top pinned post) to avoid getting banned.

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