Here at Divide we help couples daily with the intricacies of their financial separations. Our mission is to guide, to find peaceful resolutions … but also, to educate.

We believe that by giving people knowledge, it will empower them to make sensible decisions that ultimately lead to satisfactory outcomes. Not only that, knowledge will provide a useful tool for making choices around financials in the future.

For this reason, Belinda chats to Lucy from Beanstalk Single Mums about the benefits of knowledge and where/how to find it (in a language you can understand). Listen to them discuss:

  • The importance of education in a financial separation
  • How understanding the process can support us later in life
  • Why fear can stand in the way of successfully working through this process
  • The biggest areas of confusion and how to understand them
  • The benefits of working through your financial separation with your ex-partner
Posted by Belinda Eldridge
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