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Separating from your partner can be an emotional and traumatic time. We understand it’s not easy, so here is a checklist which will assist you. This checklist is not a list for one party to gain advantage over the other, but is a checklist we recommend both parties action. Completing these steps will help you both to separate with minimal stress and drama.

1 Separation Date

  • The date of separation is the date one party views the relationship is over and communicates or manifests that to the other party.
  • Record the date of your separation – as this date is relevant for your financial separation, application for divorce and Centrelink benefit applications.

2 Family Home

  • Are you or your partner intending to remain in your family home?
  • You can separate from your partner but continue to live in the same home.

3 Bank Accounts

  • If you do not have one, open a bank account in your name only.
  • Get copies of all current bank accounts, as at the date of separation.
  • Document whether you and/or your partner can access bank accounts.

4 Credit Cards & Loans

  • If you do not have one, apply for a credit card in your name only.
  • Get copies of all credit card and loan statements, as at the date of separation.
  • Document whether you and/or your partner can withdraw funds from credit cards or loan redraw facilities without the approval of the other.

5 Direct Debits and Loan Payments

  • Document all direct debits and loan repayments that are in place and the bank account from which the payments are made.

6 Phone, Electricity & Other Services

  • Obtain copies of invoices, where possible, for each of your phones and the services provided to the family (eg electricity, home phone, internet, entertainment subscriptions etc)
  • Document in whose name each of these services are registered.

7 Email & Postal Addresses

  • If you only have a joint family email, create an email address in your name only with a password known only to you and your mobile number for 2 stage identification/ password reset.
  • If you have an email in your name only, change your password to one known only to you and ensure your mobile number is listed for 2 stage identification/password reset.
  • Get a PO Box or establish a mailing address different from your home address.
  • Amend your mailing address to your new address.

8 Insurances

  • Document any insurance you have in place and who is the owner of the policy and beneficiary of any policy.

9 Superannuation

  • Get copies of your current superannuation accounts, including listed beneficiaries.

10 Wills and Powers of Attorney

  • Get a copy of your Will, any Powers of Attorney/Health Directives and determine what would occur if you became incapacitated or passed away:
  • i. who has been nominated to care for your children (if any),
  • assets owned jointly with your former partner and the balance of your estate are to distributed.
Divide – Simple Financial Separation (“Divide”) does not provide legal advice, we are Chartered Accountants. 
This is general information only and does not constitute advice which may be relied upon.
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