By Belinda Eldridge, Managing Director, Div-ide

Belinda Eldridge, Managing Director of Div-ide

Belinda Eldridge, Managing Director at Div-ide

Separation is a difficult phase, both emotionally and financially. What once seemed like a shared path can quickly turn into a complex maze of decisions. Yet, with the right guidance, achieving a simple separation is within reach. 

At Div-ide, our expertise lies in transforming the convoluted process of financial separation into a manageable journey. Our commitment through The Separation Guide is to ensure your path to a simple separation is as smooth and cost-effective as possible, offering essential separation support every step of the way.

How to Achieve a Simple Financial Separation?

Although every couple’s journey is distinct, the basic steps toward a simple separation share common ground. Knowing where to begin can greatly alleviate the stress and uncertainty many separating couples encounter. Here’s a strategic approach from The Separation Guide:

  1. Choosing the Right Expert: A common misunderstanding about divorce and financial separation is the absolute necessity for a lawyer. While engaging with the family court and seeking legal advice is vital in certain situations, chartered accountants also play a significant role in the financial aspects of separation. At Div-ide, we demystify the process, focusing on your current and future financial well-being to avoid unnecessary legal expenses.
  2. Collaborative Approach for Positive Outcomes: Contrary to what you might think, collaboration can lead to the most favorable outcomes. This guide emphasises a cooperative strategy, guiding both parties to agree on the division of assets, liabilities, and future planning, including considerations for children and the family court process when necessary. Learn more in the financial separation section of our website.
  3. Preparation is Key:  A smooth process stems from thorough preparation. You’ll need comprehensive details of assets, liabilities, shared businesses, superannuation, and tax information. To aid in this process, the  Separation Checklist is available for download, designed to streamline your preparation.
  4. Understanding the Financial Separation Process: Div-ide has refined financial separation into four manageable steps:
    • Engage and collect data.
    • Define and agree on the separation of finances and assets.
    • Document and lodge.
    • Approve and complete.

Explore these steps in detail here.

Taking the First Step: Navigating separation can be emotionally and financially draining. However, with Div-ide, you’re supported by expertise, empathy, and understanding. Reach out to us today to begin your journey toward a simplified separation, armed with the best separation support and guidance.

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