Tax Consequences of Divorce

Separation can lead to some unplanned and significant tax consequences. Irrespective of your financial situation it is important that potential tax implications are considered to ensure the split of assets and liabilities is consistent with the split you have agreed.... Read More

Why does it cost so much to separate?

Why is divorce so expensive

With over half of relationships ending in divorce, the separation industry is flourishing in Australia. Media sources estimate the average cost to separate from your partner ranges from between $20,000 to $60,000 each. ... Read More

Separation Checklist Australia – Preparing for divorce

separation checklist australia

Separating from your partner can be an emotional and traumatic time. We understand it’s not easy, so here is a checklist which will assist you. This checklist is not a list for one party to gain advantage over the other, but is a checklist we recommend both parties action. Completing these steps will help you both to separate with minimal stress and drama.... Read More

Assessing whether to stay or go

We all go into relationships wanting them to be a balanced, loving and nourishing partnership that will last forever, but then life happens. Relationships, like the people in them, change and adapt based on the events they go through – and if those life events have both people growing together and both feeling loved and valued, then that is the Nirvana – however, often despite both people striving to keep their relationship alive, the cracks appear.... Read More