The more support you have during a relationship separation, the better. This can range from friends and family, right through to professional services, support groups and even apps.

In fact, with such a huge range of apps available to us, they can play an extremely valuable part of the ‘holding it all together process’.

Here is our advice on apps which are great to have on-hand whilst going through or getting over a divorce.


Personal finance apps

Finance is one of the biggest challenges in a separation. Whether you are struggling to make ends meet, setting new financial goals or simply learning how to manage your money on your own, there is ample app support.

You simply can’t go wrong if you head to MoneySmart. Government-run and reassuringly easy-to-use, they provide a wide range of financial support. You will find personal finance apps for budgeting, saving and tracking your spending. As well as handy mortgage, loan and tax calculators. Best of all, everything is free. Mint is also highly rated for money management or try Acorns for painless saving.

Co-parenting apps

The key to good co-parenting is communication. Yet, communication may not always be easy between you and your ex-partner. Enter the wonderful world of co-parenting apps. These little gems have a host of handy functionalities, such as shared diaries, expense records and advice links. They create a smoother, more successful co-parenting journey, which ultimately, and most importantly, make for happier children.

A good (and free) starting point for co-parenting apps is award-winning Cozi, which is designed for all families, but works perfectly-well for shared care. Others that focus solely on co-parenting include 2Houses, Parenting Apart and Our Family Wizard.

Meditation apps

Learning to cope emotionally throughout your separation process is hugely important. Being aware of your mental health and caring for it will benefit not only you, but your children also. Luckily, with a wonderful range of meditation apps at our fingertips we can administer self-care in just ten minutes a day. Regular meditation promotes clarity, calm, relaxation and more mental control.

Most meditation apps have a free starting point, so try a few and see what works for you before you pay. Headspace is good choice if you are completely new to meditation. It comes with simple explanations and cool animations which encourage you to continue. Other popular choices are The Mindfulness App, Stop Breathe Think and Calm.

Community apps

Going through a divorce can be lonely. Creating a new life can be daunting. But you are definitely not alone, and knowing there are other people experiencing the same can be extremely helpful. Use Facebook groups to reach out to other single parents for support. Also, sharing your own experiences to help others is extremely empowering and can help with your healing process. Before joining, take time to read the group guidelines to ensure the group has the right ‘feel’ for you. Are you looking for a place to vent or a feel-good space? Finding the right fit and belonging to a community you love can be life-changing.

As well as Facebook check online forums and Meetup is a good option if you want to connect with like-minded people in ‘real life’. 

Organisational apps

Being organised is the key to a busy life, particularly when you’re separating. A lot is changing and with this comes more to do and more to think about, for both you and your children.  Getting through each day without forgetting the myriad of tasks you have to do is hard. But of course, there are apps out there to help you.

If you are a ‘list person’ then Wunderlist is a good choice. Or you could try Trello if you like something more visual and creative. When choosing an organisational app, get something easy. The idea here is to simplify your life, not to complicate it.

Posted by Belinda Eldridge
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